Unfortunate follow-up to leading edge issues

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It is always most disconcerting to read stories like these. However it does follow from the topics we took on in class last week.


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  1. Konstantine


    I’m not sure about the ability of those in Canada and especially the United States to prosecute the government for illicit surveillance due to the various acts and what have you that that justify this and perhaps most importantly, the ability to actually hire a consul that will have the capability to fight the government.

    The advantage those in power have is the ability to avoid prosecution due to the costs involved. These guys here in the U.K. are backed by a union that I would assume is helping cover the legal costs.

  2. Jessica

    I’ve tried to start this blog post five times now because I don’t quite know where to start.

    First, I give a big congratulations to Thomas for being such a vigilant citizen and really owning his rights. Most of us don’t because we don’t understand them and are too terrified to stand up to authority – whether that be the police or government.

    Second, I looked into any unions in Canada and the US specifically for journalists and I came up with nothing. There are writers unions – like The Writers Union of Canada and the National Writers Union in the US – which include journalists, but nothing specifically for journalists. I wonder why that is and how powerful they are. Because Kostee brings up a great point about covering the costs of prosecution.

    What a world to live in where people who, God forbid, hold the law to account are then put under terrorist surveillance.

    Jon, do you think that Thomas and the other journalists would have sued if it wasn’t for Snowden?

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